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iPhone 8+ - no power  


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30/03/2020 10:33 am  

Hi, I have a 256Gb iPhone 8+ here with no power/boot. Not water-damaged, no obvious damage. Changed Hydra & Tigris 2 but no change. Seem to be getting correct diode mode readings on I2C0, 1 & 2 ok but when I connect to DC power it pulls about 12mA immediately and struggles up to maybe 28mA when prompted to boot. No difference with battery or USB charger lead. Any ideas what I might do to get life back?


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31/03/2020 8:53 am  

Never change Hyrda, as I've never had a case of a bad hydra on the 8/8+.  If your phone is not pulling any amps on the ammeter and/or dc power supply and the tristar tester tests fine, then it's almost always tigris 2.  Another thing that you can do is to check the two i2c lines on the battery connector.  You should get around 0.74V on both.  If all of these test fine, then you'll need to go around and check all of the main power lines (vdd_main, vdd_boost, pp3v0_nand, pp1v8_nand...)