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JBC C105-113 Conical Tip (1mm x 0.3mm)


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Product description

We use these tips to clean the pads after removing an IC.  Also, they are great for regular micro soldering when you have some extra room to get the tip in.  This tip has replaced our use of the c105-112 knife tip because they last a ton longer.

These tips only work on the NT105 Nano iron and NP105 Nano tweezers. Make sure that you set your temperature to around 290C or lower to preserve the tips, otherwise, they’ll wear out a lot faster. They are crazy expensive, so it’ll be in your best interest to preserve them.

We were able to get our hands a bunch of these tips. These are genuine, original, and new JBC tips. You’ll receive 1 tip.

Additional information

Weight .0125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in