This microsoldering package is for intermediate level technicians. This package includes a microscope, a hot air rework station, a soldering iron, and a multimeter. It’s ideal for techs that want to get started with microsoldering, but don’t need to do the more advanced repairs. You won’t be able to do the very small jobs with these equipment, like connectors, small filter repairs, and anything that requires smaller tips.  Again, all of this equipment is quality stuff, but just not at the professional level.

You should be able to do most repairs with this equipment.  It’ll just make things a little more challenging and it may take some extra time compared to a better microsoldering package.  With that said, you should be able to do a touch ic repair and basic troubleshooting.

Don’t forget about the essentials too!

Soldering LEISTO T12-11 Intelligent Lead Free Soldering Station BGA PCB Motherboard Repair Soldering Iron 75W With 3 pcs Solder Iron Tips - (Color: 220V)

Personal Note: I've never used this either, but it looks promising, especially with the price point.
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Quick 957DW+ Hot Air Station (580 Watt)

Personal Note: I use this hot air rework station mainly for logic board shield removal. I don't use a tip and blast it with 450C and the shields come right off.
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UNI-T UT39C+ Digital Multimeter NVC Auto Range With LCD Backlight Data Hold Multimetro Frequency Temperature tester

Personal Note: This is a great little multimeter. It has continuity mode, diode mode, voltage mode, capacitance mode and a thermocouple. Just about everything that you'll need for microsoldering.
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Hakko FA400-04 Bench Top ESD-Safe Smoke Absorber

Personal Note: Get one of these unless you want to inhale toxic fumes.
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