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ZXW Tools v3.x – One Year Instant License


Buy a one year ZXW license or ZXW renewal and instantly receive a serial number and password.  ZXW Tools is the most essential piece of software for micro soldering.

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Product description

ZXW license registration and ZXW renewal is completed online.  We will provide the serial number and password for the 1-year ZXW license after you make the purchase. This will be done as soon as we receive your order, meaning, we have the licenses on hand. You won’t have to deal with Alipay or long wait times.

After purchasing the ZXW license, then we will send an email out with the serial number and password usually within minutes of the order, so that you will have access to the software instantly!

Step 1

Download the latest version of the software:

Step 2

Extract the files to a folder on your computer and run ZXWSoft3.32.exe

Step 3

Create a new account here:

Step 4

After you purchase this ZXW license from our store.  We will send you a serial number and password via email to activate your 1-year license.  This also applies to a zxw renewal license.

zxw license

You’ll just need to enter that information on your account page.  That’s it!

Note: Please check your spam folder after purchase.

zxw renewal

ZXW Tools is the most essential piece of software for micro soldering.  It contains schematics with its Blackfish software and point to point connection locations on most iPhone and iPad logic boards.  We can use this information to troubleshoot logic boards much more easily.  ZXW Tools also contains parts images, component values, and component designations in detail for most iPhones.

Trace connections within ZXW Tools are highlighted in red from point to point.  Clicking on one point will show you all of the connected points on the logic board.  Diving deeper into the software, you can also see the traces within the multi-layer logic board in which these points connect through.  There is no other software out there for micro soldering as comprehensive as ZXW tools.

If you don’t already have a ZXW license, then look no further because this software is a must have if you are serious about micro soldering.