The creator of this page has done a great job at creating high resolution pictures and iphone diode mode measurements.  These include Macbook and iPad diode mode measurements.  Diode mode readings are essential for micro soldering because without schematics, there is no easy way to diagnose and repair these devices.

Until now, ZXW was the only software that contained vast amounts of iphone diode mode measurements for these devices.  It seems as though LogiWiki has more readings now.  It’s definitely not as easy to find the diode mode readings in LogiWiki as it is in ZXW, but just use the search function on the left sidebar and you should be able to find whatever you need.

Sample from LogiWiki

At this point, I would say that this site is an essential part of iPhone, iPad, and Macbook logic board repair.  Check out the page if you haven’t already.

Without diode mode readings, the only way to repair logic boards is to buy another similar logic board and compare diode mode readings from the known good logic board.  This is a time consuming and often arduous task.  Usually, if it gets to this point, then I tend to just shy away from these jobs.

For instance, Samsung devices are notorious for lack of schematics, which make them way more time consuming to repair.  These days, I barely take on Samsung devices for repair because of added time and the low success rate.

The great thing about LogiWiki is that the site is built by repair technicians helping each other.  Diode mode measurements aren’t the end all, be all, but they definitely help expedite the repair process, especially for devices where schematics aren’t widely available.

Hopefully, together, we can expand on the amount of diode mode measurements for devices where schematics aren’t available, so that we can repair more devices and keep them out of the landfills.