The advanced package includes good professional equipment for about 95% of all microsoldering jobs, but I’d still prefer JBC nano tweezers versus the Hakko stuff below. The cost is exponential going to the professional level package though, so the equipment below is about as good as it gets without breaking the bank.

We’re adding the micro tweezers to this package versus the basic and intermediate packages. This will allow you to do connector repairs and handle really tiny components like 01005 packages. In my opinion, the micro tweezers are essential for microsoldering. You can get away with a micro pencil (hakko fm-2032), but the FM-2023 works so much better with the dual tips.

This package also includes the simul-focal trinocular head for recording video through the microscope without closing off one eyepiece. Honestly, I don’t even know why they sell a microscope head that closes off one eyepiece when the trinocular port is in use (non simul-focal). You’ll want a decent c-mount camera to go along with this scope.

You can buy all of the Hakko stuff directly from They offer good pricing and free shipping on most stuff.

Don’t forget about the essentials too!

AmScope SM-4TPX Professional Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with Simultaneous Focus Control, WH10x Eyepieces, 3.5X-45X Magnification, 0.7X-4.5X Zoom Objective, Ambient Lighting, Double-Arm Boom Stand, Includes 0.5X Barlow Lens

Personal Note: This scope has all of the necessities including a simul-focal head for recording video.  Only thing it's missing is the florescent light ring.
New From: $600.99 In Stock

Soldering Station, Digital, ESD Safe, 2Port

Personal Note: I've never used this station, but it supports the FM-2032 micro-pencil and FM-2023 micro-tweezers, along with a standard FM-2027 soldering iron.
New From: $617.99 ($4.83 / oz) In Stock

Hakko FM2023-05 SMD Mini Tweezer with T9-I Tips and FH200-04 Stand for the FM202 and FM203 Stations

Personal Note: I use this a lot more than the micro-pencil
New From: $295.23 In Stock

Quick 861DW 1000W Digital Rework Station with LCD Display

Personal Note: Best hot air rework station that I've owned.
New From: $346.55 In Stock

UNI-T UT61E AC/DC Modern Digital Auto Ranging Multimeters Data Hold

Personal Note: Best multimeter for the price
New From: $63.99 In Stock

Hakko FA400-04 Bench Top ESD-Safe Smoke Absorber

Personal Note: Get one of these unless you want to inhale toxic fumes.
New From: $73.88 In Stock

Soldering Tip, Bevel, 1mm x 11.5mm

Personal Note: This is the only tip that I use for my FM-2027 and probably the only one that you'll need.
New From: $17.09 In Stock

14mp Tv Hdmi USB Industry Digital C-Mount Microscope Camera Tf Video Recoder DVR

Personal Note: The camera that I use for all of my videos.
New From: $114.98 In Stock

FMA050 Olympus Camera Eyepiece Camera Interface

Personal Note: Need this adapter to attach your camera to the microscope photo port.
New From: $70.00 In Stock

AmScope EP20X30 Pair of Super Widefield 20X Microscope Eyepieces (30mm)

Personal Note: Necessary to match your eyepieces with what you see through the camera.
New From: $45.99 In Stock