There are a few important software paramount to a successful microsoldering repair.  One of these tools is called Zillion x Work (ZXW Tools).  The software is freely downloadable, but it won’t work without a subscription (new in version 3.0).  In order to activate, you’ll need to download the software, then bind your existing dongle (v2.x) or sign up for a new account.


So, what does this software do?  It gives you a board level graphic of all trace points on a logic board.  The software has the “schematics” for all of the latest cell phones and tablets on the market.  Here’s what it looks like:

ZXW Tools main interface.

ZXW Tools main interface.

Another great feature is that another piece of software called Blackfish comes with it.  The Blackfish software is a list of all of the updated schematics for the latest tablets and phones.

Here’s a tutorial on how to  install ZXW Tools Dongle

You can download the latest version of the ZXW Tools software here

You can also buy a ZXW 3.0 license.