The most common logic board repair for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is by far the dreaded boot loop or stuck in recovery mode (charging cable with iTunes logo on the screen).  Believe it or not, the fix is relatively simple.

iphone 11 pro recovery mode

I hear the same stories over and over and it usually goes like this, “one day I was charging the phone and then all of the sudden the phone started boot looping.  Sometimes, it would boot to the home screen, but after a little while, it just kept boot looping.  I took it to the Apple store and they told me that it’s a logic board repair, which they don’t do.  They recommended that I upgrade to a new phone”.  At this point, the customer usually googles “logic board repair” or “micro soldering iphone” and we pop up in the searches and they contact us.

“Apple told us”…blah blah blah…”can you fix my phone?”. Normally the customer wants their data or they just refuse to pay for a new phone when their current phone is perfectly fine (minus the boot loop).  Good news is that we can usually fix this problem.

So, despite what Apple claims, these iPhones are absolutely NOT water proof and barely water resistant.  Until the ear speaker grill, the sim tray hole and the lightning charge port holes are gone from the phone, these iPhones will never be water proof.  The path of least resistance for iPhone water damage in these iPhones is the ear speaker grill.  Something as simple as wiping the screen down with some water or Purell can cause it to boot loop.  The water or hand sanitizer enters the phone through the ear speaker grill located at the top of the phone.  From there, it usually touches the metal pads connecting the flood illuminator or the proximity sensor eventually causing corrosion, which leads to the dreaded boot loop.

The fix is to replace the ear speaker flex.  Unfortunately, replacing the ear speaker flex disables the face id on the phone because the flood illuminator is tied to the logic board and required for face id to work.  Sometimes, you can find a micro soldering specialist to transfer the flood illuminator over to a new flex or clean the corrosion off of the current flex to fix the boot loop and the face id.

You can watch a video of our repair here:

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