How do I mail my device to you for repair?

Please fill out the request a quote form and we will respond back with a quote and the shipping instructions.  It’s important that you give us the tracking number and the passcode to your device once your device has been shipped, so that we can test it fully before and after the repair.

Can I bring the device into your shop for repair?

Sorry, but we no longer offer drop offs.  Please fill out the microsoldering mail-in repair form.

Why do I have to give you my passcode?

We need your passcode to test all the features (cameras, mics, speakers, sensors, wifi, gps, touch id, and flashlight) of the device before we send it back to you.  If we cannot test these things before sending it back to you, then we will not be able to offer a warranty on the repair.  If you’re okay with no warranty, then we’re okay with no passcode.

If you are concerned with us seeing your data, then I would recommend doing a complete backup in itunes/icloud and then restore the phone to factory before sending it to us.  If you do this, then please make sure that your phone is icloud unlocked with no passcode and finished the setup process so that we can access the home screen.

How long does it normally take to repair my device?

Usually 2-5 days for non data recovery repairs.  If it’ll take longer, then we will let you know.  Data recovery jobs take 1-4 weeks on average.  All other repairs take somewhere between 5-14 days.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice via email after we’re done with the repair.  You will be able to pay online with your credit card.  We use Stripe for all of our invoicing.

Who pays for shipping?

You pay for shipping it to us and we will pay for shipping it back to you.  This applies for warranty repairs as well.

What happens if my device gets lost or damaged during the return shipping?

Please contact the shipping carrier. We are not responsible for lost or missing packages.  Insurance can be purchased at $5 for the first $100 worth of insurance, then $2 per $100 thereafter.  Just let us know after your package has been shipped, so that we can invoice you accordingly after the repair has been completed.

How long of a warranty do you offer on your repairs?

We offer a standard 90 day warranty on all repairs from the date that you receive the device back, including warranty repairs.  You pay for the shipping to us and we will repair and return it to you for free.

Where’s my device?

We will send you a tracking number after we’re done with the repair.  Sometimes the package is not scanned at our local post office before going onto the next stop, so don’t be alarmed.  As soon as you have paid, then we’ll almost always ship your item on the same day or the following day.

Should I send the entire device?

For iPhone repairs, it’s better to send the entire device, so that we can test if everything works after the repair.  For iPads, you can normally just send the frame and logic board, unless your iPad model has a finger print sensor, then send the entire device with the screen separated from the frame.  If you need us to disassemble/reassemble the screen, then please add $65.

What if I don’t pay for the repair?

All invoices must be paid within 30 days, otherwise, you will forfeit your device.  We will make multiple attempts at collection within those 30 days.

Can you inspect my device and let me know what is wrong with it?

We do not offer inspection only for devices.  If we give you a quote on a repair or data recovery service, then we expect to be able to complete the service on your device.  In the event that we cannot service your device, then the inspection fee of $35 will apply.  We do this because most of the times, the inspection requires most of the work.  And sometimes, we don’t know if we can repair it until after it’s already been repaired.