These are the essential tools and equipment that you’ll need for every microsoldering package.  They include flux, solder, board holders, wick, low melt, ammeter, tweezers, cables, kapton tape, solder paste, isopropyl alcohol, plus more.

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Microsoldering: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Personal Note: 4.5 hours of online instruction on how to get started with microsoldering. We spent quite a bit of time developing this course. Learn everything from tools and equipment setup, no touch, no power, no backlight, and iphone X logic board separation. Unlimited viewings.
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ZXW Tools v3.x 1-year License

Personal Note: This is an essential schematics tool used for troubleshooting logic board repair. Buy it if you are serious about microsoldering.
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Smartmod Pro Tristar Tester Version 3.0 – iPhone/iPad Charging Chip/Dock Tester

Personal Note: This is the original tristar chip tester. I’ve been using this thing for a year or two now and I can tell you that this thing is essential for micro soldering. It saves so much time testing to see if your iphone or ipad has a charging port or charging chip problem. The tristar tester is especially great for ipads because this thing allows you to test whether there is a charging port fault or charging chip fault without disassembling the ipad first. The time save is well worth the money. We label this tool as an essential tool for micro soldering work. The device comes with a rechargeable micro usb port.
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Mechanic IX5 Pro iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max Heating Tool for Logic Board Separation

Personal Note: This is the latest version of the IX5 Pro, which supports the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. This little mini heater works well. It is used to separate the top logic board from the middle layer, so that you can work on the inside of the sandwiched logic boards. It’s a cheaper alternative to the PPD-120, but it does the job well.
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6-Port USB Ammeter

Personal Note: This thing is amazing. Before, we were buying and using multiple Drok usb ammeters, which cost about $10 each. In addition, we’d need to buy a multi-port usb charger. With this thing, you have six usb ammeters all bundled into one unit. The cables are all located on the right side and the lcd is easily readable on the left side. Amp draw goes up to 3A, I think. Throw away the Droks and get this thing.
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3?0V 5A DC Power Supply Variable Switching Regulated 4-Digital Mini Power Supply Single-Output 110V with Alligator Leads, US Power Cord

Personal Note: You'll want a minimum 5V DC Power supply to test the devices that you'll be repairing. No need for anything fancy.
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DIYPHONE Multi-Purpose Phone Power Test Cable with Tester Pen DC Power Supply Testing Tool for iPhone 4 5 6 6S 6P 6SP 7 7P 8 8P X

Personal Note: You'll want these for powering up your logic boards via the DC Power supply.
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Qianli iPower Max iPhone 6 6P 6S 6SP 7 7P 8 8P X XS Xs Max DC Power Supply Cable

Personal Note: This dc power supply cable will boot the iPhone logic boards by itself, without the need for a battery and/or charge port. Just plug in one of the ends to your iPhone 6 6P 6S 6SP 7 7P 8 8P X, XS, Xs Max and then push the left button to turn the device on and the right button to boot the logic board. This is a must for iPhone logic board troubleshooting!!
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Mijing T22 Dual-Locking iPhone Logic Board Holder

Personal Note: Wow, I’ve been looking for a great locking logic board holder and this is it! Before this one, I was using a red FindX pcb holder that is actually very similar to this one, but this Mijing one is just as heavy duty, but it includes two locking mechanisms and it definitely holds an iPhone logic board much sturdier than the FindX one. This will be the only logic board holder that you’ll ever need for micro soldering.
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Hakko 5B-SA Curved Micro Tweezers

Personal Note: These are the tweezers that we use every day. I bend them to more of a right angle. These tweezers are thin enough to squeeze into between chips and strong enough to grab a chip without compromise. If I had to choose one tweezer to get, then this would be it. I have about 10 of these that I just swap in and out.
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Hakko 51-S-SA Curved Super Fine Point Tweezers

Personal Note: These are strong, but thicker than the 5B-SA curved tweezers. I like them when I need some strength with my tweezers, like grabbing a bigger chip. They're not super thick, so you can really use these in place of the 5B-SA.
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Hakko 5-SA Straight Micro Tweezers

Personal Note: Thinnest, cheapest, best straight tweezers that I own.
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Amtech VS-213-A-TF Tacky Flux 10cc w/Plunger and Tip

Personal Note: VS-213A-TF is the most recent and the most up-to-date no-clean tacky flux formulation by AMTECH. NC-559-TF should no longer be used because it is an outdated flux with old technology.
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Mechanic Low Melt Solder Paste Sn42/Bi58 138°C

Personal Note: This is the stuff that we use. It melts at 138°C. You won’t need it very often, so one vial of these and you should be set for a while. This stuff allows you to remove components and connectors without using the super high heat required to melt lead-free solder.
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Mechanic Sn63/Pb37 Solder Paste 183°C

Personal Note: This is the solder paste that we use for all of our reballing. It melts at 183°C. It comes in a 42g plastic container. One container should last you a long time.
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Mechanic Solder Paste for iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max Middle Layer Reballing 158°C

Personal Note: We use this solder paste for middle layer reballing on the iPhone X, Xs, and Xs Max. It’s a little stronger than the 138°C low melt solder, but doesn’t require as much heat to melt as the 183°C solder paste. It’s perfect for middle layer reballing. You really just need a dabble of this stuff on the end of your soldering tip to touch up any corroded pads. This stuff is perfect for that.
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Kester 63/37 Tin/Lead Solder 0.5oz 0.031″

Personal Note: This is the solder that we use for everything. One roll of this should last you a while if you’re just a hobbyist. The solder is comprised of 63% tin and 37% lead. It has a high activity rosin RA core flux. This is the best solder for microsoldering. 1/2 ounce tube with a 0.031″ diameter.
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Easy Braid OS-A-5AS 0.025″ No Clean Wick

Personal Note: Best wick that I’ve ever used for microsoldering. One 5′ roll should last a while.
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Green UV Curable Solder Mask

Personal Note: This is the green stuff that I use to cover exposed traces on the logic board. It comes in a tube as a liquid, but once UV light is applied to the liquid, it turns solid. One tube of this stuff should last you long, long time. No need for a plunger or needle because all you really need is a little bit of this stuff on the end of a needle.
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5V 8W USB Powered 395nm UV Flashlight Torch Ultra Violet LED for UV Glue Curing, Pet Urine Stain Detector, Resin Cure 3D Print Cellphone repair tool

Personal Note: This UV light cures solder mask in seconds. After using this, you won't want to use anything else.
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0.02mm Copper Jumper Wire

Personal Note: This stuff is great for running low voltage/current jumpers. We use this every day for everything from iPhone touch IC disease to running thin long jumpers for pads in the middle of a BGA chip. You won’t be disappointed. One roll should last forever.
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0.10mm Jumper Wire (Coated)

Personal Note: This is a slightly bigger diameter jumper wire which we use for longer jumpers and jumpers that have pads missing. It’s sturdier, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking off easily. You should use this for high voltage/current jumper lines, like backlight jumpers.
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0.009MM Jumper Wire (Uncoated)

Personal Note: This is the smallest jumper wire that we’ve been able to find. It’s from Mechanic, so you know that it’s good stuff. We use this thin jumper wire for audio ic repairs, touch ic repairs and fixing torn pads. The wire is uncoated, so it's best for fixing torn pads or running jumpers of short distance. If you run this wire a longer distance, then it’s possible that it’ll short out due to it be uncoated, so it's best not to use this uncoated wire for long distance jumpers.
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Micro Wire Cutter – iPhone Shield Cutter

Personal Note: This is the best wire/shield cutter for micro soldering. I use this to cut the shields away from the newer model iPhones (X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max). With these newer models, you have to cut away the shields because using heating will disturb the the chips below the shields and then you will have other problems. I was using one of those Hakko CHP Micro Cutters for a long time, but these new wire cutters blow them away. Trust me, get one of these and you won’t regret it.
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Tapes Master 1 Mil Kapton Tape (Polyimide), 3/4" x 36 yds

Personal Note: This is pretty much all you need.
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Tapes Master 1 Mil Kapton Tape (Polyimide Tapes) - 3/8" x 36 yds

Personal Note: Not necessary, but I use it in conjunction with my 3/4"
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iPhone XS/XS Max/XR 0.12mm Steel BGA Stencil

Personal Note: This is a hybrid 3d/regular bga stencil, which I think is better than both. It’s better than the 3d stencil because it doesn’t tightly secure the chip under the stencil which sometimes causes stencil to bend upwards as the heat is applied to it. It’s better than the regular stencil because the holes are square and very thin, which reduces the amount of solder paste in each hole. These are the stencils that we will be using, ongoing. 0.12MM represents the thinness of the steel.
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Multimeter Probes with Super Fine Tips

Personal Note: These are the multimeter probes that we use with our multimeter. The tips are super fine and can fit between the small components. To sharpen them even further, I’d recommend buying a diamond sharpener from Amazon.
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623181 Q-Tip Cotton Swab, Standard, White (Pack of 500)

Personal Note: These leave lint, which gets annoying, but they're cheap and they work.
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OEMTOOLS 25181 Razor Blades, 100 Pack

Personal Note: Get some razor blades for reballing.
New From: $10.84 ($0.11 / Count) In Stock

JETEHO 2 Pack 200ml Push Down Alcohol Dispenser Pump Bottle Methanol Container

Personal Note: These are not the best, but they'll do the job.
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Office Star Mesh Back & Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro & Lumbar Support Managers Chair, Grey

Personal Note: Louis Rossmann recommends this chair. Personally, I've never used it.
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