The professional package contains just about everything that you’ll ever need to do microsoldering jobs, including recording high quality video. The equipment heats fast, they’re reliable, and they’re about as good as it gets. It’ll allow you to do all microsoldering jobs, like touch ic repairs, tristar repairs, BGA reballing, connectors…basically anything related to microsoldering.

In this package, we upgrade the microscope to one with an articulating arm. Obviously, you’ll need a little more room for this scope, but it’ll allow for maximum flexibility. You’ll probably want to buy your own camera though.

The microtweezers are upgraded to “nano” tweezers by JBC. Let me tell you, the difference is night and day between these two units, especially the JBC’s nano pencil. It actually works compared to the non-functional Hakko fm-2032 micro-pencil. You’ll want to get the c105-101, c105-103, and c105-105 tips for the JBC unit. Get more of the c105-105 bent .3mm tips because you’ll be using those mainly with your nano-pencil. And the straight tips, get double of them because they’ll be used in your nano-tweezers.

Don’t skimp on the fume extractor too. After a few weeks of inhaling smokey flux, you’ll wish that you had the best fume extractor out there.

Don’t forget about the essentials too!