We get asked all the time if we do micro soldering training or have an online course somewhere. Well, we’re proud to announce that we’ve created an online course at Udemy.com.

Over 4.5 hours of online videos and instruction.
Over 1,000+ students!
Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars!
Best Seller on Udemy!

The first part, Microsoldering: The Basics, covers the basics of iPhone logic board repair, from the basic building blocks of the logic board to the tools and equipment necessary to basic fault finding and troubleshooting.  If you’re new to logic board repair and don’t know where to get started, then this course is for you.  This part will give you very detailed and specific instructions on how to get started all condensed into a 1-hour lecture.

The second part, Microsoldering: ZXW Tools Schematics, talks about how to use ZXW Tools. We go through in depth how to use ZXW Tools to troubleshoot and repair iPhones and iPads. A lot of people buy this tool, but don’t quite know how to use it effectively. This course will show you everything that you need to know.

The third part, Microsoldering: Backlight, Touch, Charge, Audio IC, and iPhone X Logic Board Separation covers the most common repairs: no backlight, touch IC disease, charging problems, audio IC and iPhone X logic board separation. We go into detail about what causes each of these problems, exact details on how to fix them, and how to tackle secondary problems post repair. We’ve spent countless hours repairing these problems on thousands of iPhones. This course details our experience with each of these problems.  We also added a section that teaches you how to effectively separation the iPhone X logic boards and put them back together.

The last part is Microsoldering: Data Recovery. This part took 6 months to make. We go over everything from the boot sequence to the essential lines/chips for boot to finding a relieving shorted power lines. This is a comprehensive solution to data recovery from a hardware and microsoldering perspective. This course will definitely help you get started in iphone data recovery.

Now, you can buy Microsoldering: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started at a big discount.  We’ve combined all of our courses into one through the link below.  Learn everything from the basics to zxw tools to advanced repairs to data recovery.  5 hours of video content! We’ll also be adding a section for microsoldering techniques in the very near future.


Micro Soldering Training Reviews

Raj Kishore

Very useful information regarding repairing i phone specially the voltages which needs to troubleshoot faults …thanks a lot…once again.


Paul Rick Montreuil

So far i am getting very satisfied with the course, very and extremely interesting. Explanations are very clear and understandable.


Hupuczi Péter

Fantastic Course! I thought this is a money robber video but this is actually real knowledge! I glad I found it. Thanks


Julio Olivares

Great course!

Thank you.


Julien Picotin Payette

Excellent cours, on apprends extrement beaucoup avec!!!!


Erastus Nganga

Good introduction


Al Harrison

So far it has been a very good and interesting and entertaining course


Manfred Nostitz

Am Anfang fand ich es nicht so toll aber Ich muss mich korrigieren, Ich habe durch mehrmaligem anschauen immer mehr gelernt ich muss den Dozenten meine Hochachtung aussprechen ,die sich immer bemühen das der Kurs wieder und wieder Aktualisiert wird.

Ich freue mich auf weitere Aktualisierungen oder sogar eine Fortsetzung des Kurses oder sogar einen Kurs zur Fehleranalyse und Messen denn da tue Ich mich was schwer aber sonst ist Der Kurs sein Geld Wert TOP weiter so und tausend Dank.