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ZXW Tools 3.34 Download – Buy License Instantly

Updated May 28, 2024! Minor version update to 3.34

There is no easy way to buy a ZXW Tools 1-year license without having to wait if you are located in the United States (or anywhere outside of China for that matter) because ZXW uses an online payment system called Alipay, which is only available if you have a bank account in China.  We make it easy to buy a 1-year license and activate your ZXW subscription.  In addition, we offer all ZXW Tools download versions on this page.  Click here to purchase an instant 1-year license.

ZXW Tools is the preferred software for iPhone and iPad logic board repair.

If you came here looking for a ZXW Tools download, then you’re in luck.  We’re hosting the software for those that can’t read Chinese.  If you’re having trouble installing ZXW, then here is a tutorial on how to do that.  As always, you can also download the original version directly from the ZXW website.

You can download the ZXW software from the links below:

The schematics in the software are updated automatically when the program is run, so there is no need to download new software upon a new iPhone or iPad release. The software is automatically updated occasionally, but not often.

You can still purchase a dongle (version 2.6 and below) from our online store, which will give you a 1 year subscription or you can purchase a 1-year license for ZXW v3.0 from our online store.

If you want to renew ZXW, then you can also do that by buying a new zxw tools license.

micro soldering supply

Updated September 23, 2023! Minor version update to 3.33

Updated January 10, 2023! Major version update to 3.32

Updated September  2, 2021! Minor version update to

Updated July 26, 2021! Minor version update to

Updated November 27, 2020! Minor version update to

Updated November 26, 2020 ZXW has been released!

Updated October 27, 2020 ZXW 3.3 has been released!

Updated January 14, 2020 ZXW 3.22 + Microfish 3.2 has been released!

Updated January 6, 2020 ZXW 3.2 + Microfish 3.1 has been released!

Updated December 24, 2019 ZXW 3.2 has been released!

Updated September 17, 2019 ZXW 3.1 has been released!

Updated April 19, 2019 ZXW 3.0 has been released!

Updated July 12, 2018 ZXW 2.6 + Blackfish 2.0 is out!

Updated September 28, 2017! ZXW v2.5 + Blackfish v1.6 is out!

Updated January 24, 2017! ZXW v2.4 + Blackfish v1.5 is out!

iPhone 12 Boot Loop Repair

So, it looks like this iPhone 12 boot loop problem is not going away any time soon. The problem is not as difficult to repair as you might think. Keep reading.

A lot of times, the customer has no idea why their iPhone 12 has started boot looping. Sometimes, they wake up one day, after charging it all night and then the phone just won’t go past the apple logo. Sometimes, there’s a little bit of water exposure and maybe the phone works for a little bit, but then the dread iphone 12 boot loop!

Fortunately, we’ve repaired hundreds of these devices successfully! Including saving the customer’s data.

Here is the problem: until Apple decides to get rid of the ear speaker hole at the top of the screen, then this probably will n ever go away because any type of liquid (including hand sanitizer) will “leak” into the ear speaker flex and cause corrosion. More specifically, the flood illuminator on the ear speaker flex gets corroded, which in turn causes the dread iphone 12 boot loop.

The repair is fairly simple, so long as you have to right tools. First step is to disassemble the iphone 12. Second step is to take the ear speaker flex assembly off of the screen. You can read some tutorials on how to disassemble your iphone and take the ear speaker flex off. We won’t go through that here, since there are literally dozens of tutorials online already.

iphone 12 boot loop repair

This is an iphone XS ear speaker flex, but the iphone 12 ear speaker flex is very similiar

Now, the hard part is to clean the corrosion off of the flood illuminator, which is used for face id, and solder this component back onto a new ear speaker flex or reuse the same flex. You can watch a video of the repair process here:

The video above just happens to be of one where the ear speaker flex was accidentally ripped during a screen repair, but the repair is the same.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Stuck in Boot Loop Repair

The most common logic board repair for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is by far the dreaded boot loop or stuck in recovery mode (charging cable with iTunes logo on the screen).  Believe it or not, the fix is relatively simple.

iphone 11 pro recovery mode

I hear the same stories over and over and it usually goes like this, “one day I was charging the phone and then all of the sudden the phone started boot looping.  Sometimes, it would boot to the home screen, but after a little while, it just kept boot looping.  I took it to the Apple store and they told me that it’s a logic board repair, which they don’t do.  They recommended that I upgrade to a new phone”.  At this point, the customer usually googles “logic board repair” or “micro soldering iphone” and we pop up in the searches and they contact us.

“Apple told us”…blah blah blah…”can you fix my phone?”. Normally the customer wants their data or they just refuse to pay for a new phone when their current phone is perfectly fine (minus the boot loop).  Good news is that we can usually fix this problem.

blankSo, despite what Apple claims, these iPhones are absolutely NOT water proof and barely water resistant.  Until the ear speaker grill, the sim tray hole and the lightning charge port holes are gone from the phone, these iPhones will never be water proof.  The path of least resistance for iPhone water damage in these iPhones is the ear speaker grill.  Something as simple as wiping the screen down with some water or Purell can cause it to boot loop.  The water or hand sanitizer enters the phone through the ear speaker grill located at the top of the phone.  From there, it usually touches the metal pads connecting the flood illuminator or the proximity sensor eventually causing corrosion, which leads to the dreaded boot loop.

The fix is to replace the ear speaker flex.  Unfortunately, replacing the ear speaker flex disables the face id on the phone because the flood illuminator is tied to the logic board and required for face id to work.  Sometimes, you can find a micro soldering specialist to transfer the flood illuminator over to a new flex or clean the corrosion off of the current flex to fix the boot loop and the face id.

You can watch a video of our repair here:

If you want your iPhone 11 Pro boot loop or stuck in recovery mode repaired, then please request a quote here.  And here is our current price list for all repairs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus Temperature Too Low Repair

We’ve been getting a lot of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus temperature too low in for repair.  Generally, this problem happens after a screen repair.  Luckily, we have a fix for you.

The problem seems to lie in the NFC flex.  This is the plate that is usually connected and screwed in last after a screen repair.  It looks like this:


If we drill down a little more closely near the connector on this plate, we can see that there is a little tiny resistor embedded in the plate.

note 10 temperature too low repair

I’m not exactly sure why Samsung decided to place this resistor on the NFC flex, but this little thing serves a big purpose, which is to tell the phone when it’s too hot to charge.  Without the NFC flex connected to the phone, the phone will display the temperature too low warning.

note 10 temperature too low warning

The actual problem doesn’t usually have anything to do with this NFC flex.  The actual problem is the connector on the logic board in which this NFC flex connects to.

note 10 bent nfc connector

This is what the connector looks like on the logic board.  It’s located slight below and to the left of the battery connector.  You’ll know exactly where it is because it’s where the NFC flex connector connects to.

In the blurry image above, if you look at the bottom row of pins, you can see the gold contacts showing through the black plastic connector.  In the top row, you can’t see the pins sticking out and if you look closely, you’ll see that the connector is actually bowed outwards.  The connector in this shape usually results in the Note 10 temperature too low warning.

note 10 temperature too low connector repair

This is usually due to repeated attempts at connecting this NFC flex using too much force.  I must admit that after trying to connect this flex myself, I found it very difficult to put back on without using my microscope.  I’ll just chalk it up to a poor design by Samsung.

the fix for this problem is to use some very fine tweezers to bend the pins and connector back into shape so that the pins are showing beyond the plastic again.

note 10 plus temperature too low

You’ll need some very pointy tweezers.  Probably better to have two of them, so that you don’t break the connector.  Using one tweezer, you want to push inwards from the outside and then using the other tweezers, you want to push the bottom outside of the connector, which should result in the middle row of the pins showing past the plastic again.  You can watch a video of the process here:

If you don’t feel comfortable repairing this yourself, then feel free to request a quote and we can fix it for you.