ZXW Tools is the most essential piece of software for logic board repair because it contains schematics for most iPhones and point-to-point connection drawings.  It also contains component level information, images of components, diode mode readings, and component orientation on the logic board.  If you’re doing logic board repair, then you’ll want to use this software to do your job.  Here is how you install it:

Step 1

Download the latest version of the software: https://www.microsoldering.com/zxw-tools-dongle-download/

Step 2

Extract the contents of the file to a directory on your desktop.

Step 3

Run the executable to start the software.

(If you run into any issues with the executable, then you’ll need to disable any anti-virus software that you have running.  Unfortunately, there is no way around this.)

Step 4

You’ll need a license to access the schematics, so you can buy a 1-year license through our online store here.

Step 5

After you purchase the license, we’ll send you a Serial number and Password via email.  You’ll need these two things to create an account and activate your license.  You’ll need to create an account at the ZXW website here: https://t.zxwsoft.com/user/FastReg.aspx?l=en-US

Step 6

After you create an account at the ZXW website, then you’ll need to click on Authorization Code Renewal link on the left and then enter your Serial number and password that you just received.

From there, if you click on The Personal Data link, then you should see that your 1-year license has been activated and the page will also show you the expiration date.  That’s it!