One problem that we’ve been seeing with the Nintendo Switch is a broken charging port. What happens is that with frequent use, the charge port becomes loose pulling away from the logic board inside. When this happens, the Switch eventually loses power when the battery runs out or you need to wiggle the charging cable in order for the Nintendo to charge properly.

The Nintendo Switch uses a usb-c charging connector that looks like this:

If you look at the port, then you’ll notice that there are actually two rows of pins on the bottom that attach to the logic board, which makes it a very difficult repair because there is no way to access the inside pins with a soldering iron.  The only way to solder a new charging port on is to use heat.  The problem with heat is that there is plastic on the connector as well and plastic melts.  So, to put a new charging port on, we need to use heat, but not too much of it.  You can see a video of our repair here:

If you want us to repair your Nintendo Switch charging port, then please fill out the request a quote form and we’ll give you a quote.