We’ve been seeing a lot of these lately.  Usually what happens is that the screen on these Samsungs will go black one day, either for no reason at all or after a drop or perhaps after having a cracked screen for a little while.  It seems as though the culprit for this problem is a little chip on the logic board called MAX77838.  It’s the display IC.  This chip handles all of the logic required to power the display and show an image on the screen.  Without it, the display goes completely black with no image at all and no backlight.  Here’s what the chip looks like:

Here is where the chip is located on the logic board for the S8+:  blank

Unfortunately, the only way to fix this problem is to take this chip off via microsoldering and replace it with a new one.  You can watch a video on this repair here:

We’ve also fixed this problem in on a Samsung S7 and Samsung S8.  I’m not sure if they use the same chip on the Samsung S9 and S9+ or not, but if you’re having display problems, then it’s most likely this chip that is the problem.

If you don’t have the tools to fix it yourself, then we can definitely help you out.  Just fill out the quote request form and we’ll back to you right away.

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