Product description

We’ve partnered with to offer our followers a way to learn microsoldering online. This is the first course in our series. We cover everything from the building blocks of a logic board to the components that make up an iphone to the tools required for microsoldering and finally to diagnosing and repairing basic logic board problems. This course is for newcomers who want to understand how an iPhone operates before diving into the field of microsoldering.


  • Some experience with iPhone disassembly.


In this course you will learn the basics of how to repair a iPhone motherboard (logic board).

  • I will discuss how the basics of how a logic board works and how its components operate.
  • I will discuss the most important tools needed for fault finding and repair. 
  • I will provide a complete list of all other tools needed for iPhone logic board repair.
  • I will discuss the most important reasons for damage, and the most common defects resulting from that damage. In that way you will know the core of this business and in what cases money can be made.
  • I will teach how to troubleshoot a defected logic board. You will learn how to test parts and ways to determine the reasons for defects.
  • And finally I will show you some examples of how a repair goes in practice from a to z. The first case is a water damaged iPhone not powering on. And the second case is a iPhone 6/6+ with a defected touchscreen.

Who is the target audience?

  • People wanting to learn iPhone Logic board repair