Product description

ZXW Tools is single handedly the most important piece of software for microsoldering. More important than schematics. This online course will focus on how to use ZXW Tools Dongle effectively. It focuses on everything from using ZXW Tools to diagnose and repair iphones to details procedures on how to repair torn pads and long screw damage. This course encompasses everything that you’ll need to know about ZXW Tools all combined into a complete 30-minute online course.

In this course you will learn how to use the ZXW tool for troubleshooting and repairing iPhone motherboards. In this course I will discuss the different opportunities the tool offers:

  • How to find the circuit lines for certain iPhone functions
  • How to test lines for defects
  • How to repair a pad when it is missing
  • How to repair long screw damage
  • How to determine the type and value of components
  • How to source new components
  • How to get images of important components for replacement

The course will tell you how to get the maximum out of the many opportunities the ZXW tool offers.