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Hakko FM-202 Soldering Station with Key Card


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Product description

This is one of the best Hakko units for micro soldering. It sucks that they don’t make this unit anymore. This unit supports the FM-2023 micro tweezers, the FM-2032 micro pencil, and the FM-2027/FM-2028 soldering iron.

*** Only comes with the soldering station and a 3d printed key card ***

These are used units with scratches and possibly burn marks on them, but they are all guaranteed to be in working condition.


The FUTURE MODULE FM-202 is a powerful soldering station that delivers the heat you want to the soldering area FAST!

  • the iron has a unique cartridge and soft grip design that allows cartridges with different tips and removable ergonomic grips to be quickly and easily replaced
  • the soldering iron tip is automatically programmed to accurate tip temperature setting simply by inserting it into the process gate (patent pending feature)
  • the soldering iron tip is registered at the factory on a non-magnetic barcode on the tip, which is automatically read by the station when inserted into the process gate
  • built in patent pending heating element
  • tip temperature can be changed without changing the tip
  • No Calibration Required
  • How to Turn off the FM-202 Process Gate
  • over 75 tip configurations available
  • once the tip temperature setting and process parameters are set, they are “locked” into the system memory and they cannot be changed without the lockout key card
  • red ring LED in connector stays illuminated when the iron is hot (patent pending feature)
  • low tip temperature alarm
  • automatic shut off
  • digital display reads °C or °F
  • ESD-safe by design

Additional information

Weight 5.875 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in