New in ZXW version 3.0!! (updated June 18, 2019)

In version 3.0, the usb dongle goes away.  Instead, you need to create an online account and then buy a serial number and password.  This is not easily done if you are located outside of China because ZXW uses a payment system called Alipay, which you can only get with a Chinese bank account.  We can help you with renewing your existing dongle or buying a new 3.0 license.

Please see instructions here:

So, you purchased ZXW Tools Dongle about a year ago and now your license has expired?


If you try to go through the steps to pay, it’s very confusing and of course, the entire site is in Chinese.  So, the best way to get your license renewed is through our store link:

You can check when your ZXW tools expires by going to Help | About in the software.