So, it looks like this iPhone 12 boot loop problem is not going away any time soon. The problem is not as difficult to repair as you might think. Keep reading.

A lot of times, the customer has no idea why their iPhone 12 has started boot looping. Sometimes, they wake up one day, after charging it all night and then the phone just won’t go past the apple logo. Sometimes, there’s a little bit of water exposure and maybe the phone works for a little bit, but then the dread iphone 12 boot loop!

Fortunately, we’ve repaired hundreds of these devices successfully! Including saving the customer’s data.

Here is the problem: until Apple decides to get rid of the ear speaker hole at the top of the screen, then this probably will n ever go away because any type of liquid (including hand sanitizer) will “leak” into the ear speaker flex and cause corrosion. More specifically, the flood illuminator on the ear speaker flex gets corroded, which in turn causes the dread iphone 12 boot loop.

The repair is fairly simple, so long as you have to right tools. First step is to disassemble the iphone 12. Second step is to take the ear speaker flex assembly off of the screen. You can read some tutorials on how to disassemble your iphone and take the ear speaker flex off. We won’t go through that here, since there are literally dozens of tutorials online already.

iphone 12 boot loop repair

This is an iphone XS ear speaker flex, but the iphone 12 ear speaker flex is very similiar

Now, the hard part is to clean the corrosion off of the flood illuminator, which is used for face id, and solder this component back onto a new ear speaker flex or reuse the same flex. You can watch a video of the repair process here:

The video above just happens to be of one where the ear speaker flex was accidentally ripped during a screen repair, but the repair is the same.