ZXW Tools dongle is probably one of the most important software for iphone and ipad logic board repair.  What it does is tell you where each pin on a logic board leads to.  For example, if you rip a pad on a connector, you need to find out where it was supposed to connector to, so that you can run a trace wire to the point.


The above is an ipad mini logic board.  The blue pads represent pads that are “not connected” to anything.  The pad in red show you where the pad is connected to on the logic board.  So, if you happen to pull that pad, then you can just run a trace wire from the connector directly to one of the other components in red.

So, where can you buy ZXW Tools dongle?  The cheapest place is probably Aliexpress.com, but it usually takes about 2-4 weeks to arrive. If you want it fast, then I’d recommend buying from Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, then you can get it in two days. You can also buy directly from our online store. The cost will be a little cheaper than Amazon, but may take an extra day or two since we ship all orders via first class mail.