ZXW Tools Dongle is hands down the best software for iphone/ipad/samsung logic board repair. It’s essential if you microsolder. The way it works is that you buy a USB dongle that looks like this from our website:



Then, you plug it into your windows PC.  The software only works on windows.  The dongle acts as a security key in order to unlock the software for use.

After you have the dongle installed, you’ll need to either download the software from their website or you can install it from the included CD.  Their website is in chinese, so unless you have a translator addon for your browser, it’ll be pretty hard to navigate.  Lucky for you, I have included a direct link:

[ddownload id=”697″ text=”ZXW Tools Dongle Download”]

The above is the latest version of ZXW tools.  Or you can download the file directly from the zxwtools website.

Create a folder and put all of the files into that folder.  Then run ZXW2.1.exe, which will install the software.  You can also run BlackFish1.4.exe, which will install Blackfish v1.4.  Blackfish has all of the updated schematics minus the board view, which renders it pretty much useless in my opinion.  For Blackfish, you will need to run the program as Administrator in order to get it to work.

Run the ZXW Tools software and if everything is properly installed, you should get the loading dialogue box:


If you have any problems getting the software to load, then try changing servers:


Once the program is loaded, then you should be able to access all of the different board level schematics:


Unfortunately, there is no zxw dongle crack available for this software at the current time.  There are a few videos on youtube and other channels that claim to have a crack, but your best bet is to buy the dongle for around $80 shipped.

Purported zxw dongle crack?  The video is in vietnamese.

Some additional help: